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Professional Tree Service for the greater St. Cloud, MN, area

Albertville, Elk River, Clear Lake. MN & Surrounding Areas

When it comes to tree planting, tree trimming, tree removal and tree maintenance, residents of the greater St. Cloud area know they can count on the expert tree services provided by the dedicated pros at Arborist's Care LLC.

Our tree care specialists know the kinds of trees that thrive in our Minnesota climate, and we know how to care for them and keep them healthy for life. We also know the trees that do best in particular parts of your property: sun vs. shade, moist vs. well-drained, etc.

Our tree experts have experienced with the following types of trees:

Red Oak, Maple, Oak, Cottonwood, Elm, Redwoods, White Pine, Spruce, Balsam Fir, Black Spruce, Hemlock, Red Cedar, Jack Pine, Red Pine, Tamarack/Larch, White cedar, White spruce, American basswood, Ash, Boxelder, Bur oak...and others.

Tree Cutting and Tree Removal in Albertville, Elk River, MN and beyond

Trees have a lifespan, and when it comes time to remove a tree that is dead or dying, your Arborist's Care LLC pro will take care of cutting down the tree and clearing the area; we'll even process the old tree for firewood you can keep an use during the cold winter months to keep your home toasty warm.

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

There's no need to plan your landscaping around the stump of a tree that's been removed. The Arborist's Care LLC pros will use purpose-built machinery to grind the stump down below ground level to allow for the overgrowth of turf or other groundcover.

Tree Services For the Following Areas:

  • Albertville, MN
  • Elk River, MN
  • Clear Lake, MN
  • St. Cloud, MN
  • & More! Call for more info today!

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